For quite some time now my home page has been redirecting to a 401 page, which I have to say, is not that good a look, not to mention it effecting my Google search positioning. So I put the time in and fixed the DNS settings, pretty easy - don’t know why I did not do it about a year ago… yes its been that long!

So the page loaded and then I was faced with this awful, outdated design that I just HATE . This meant my ever so quick fix was destined to take all night.

After much fiddling and tinkering, as well as forking out some hard earned dollar to pay for a theme (because the free ones are shit) I have done it! It’s there for you to play and there for you to read (not that there is much to read - more to look).

All the posts are about a year old, so sorry about that. My new mission is to post interesting stuff and of course get my readers back, not that I had many in the first place.

Here goes it…